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How a not-for-profit orgainization used tiered premiums strategy...

car rentalsBackground:
This non-profit had a noble cause of helping to relieve world suffering through global volunteers and donations based on a membership model. At the same time, it wanted to be use its clout to muster additional community support. Its existing collateral, however, was not effectively conveying the benefits it offered to these markets and to its members.

Our client needed to increase its membership base as well as the monies from sponsorships to help achieve its mission.

We decided to create a premium that incorporates the passion that fuels the organization. The promotion focused on two goals: (1) to help the public understand exactly what this NPO does and (2) to say "thank you" for all of your support. We developed, launched, and implemented an affordable premiums program designed to meet current and potential members' needs. The most important aspect of this program was to be scaleable while staying within their budget. We developed three unique premiums that rewarded donars for charitable contributions, annual memberships provided a variety of free high percieved value gifts, while significant contributions provided premiums with a retail value over $1000.

The Results:
Memberships increased 25% year-over-year and gain a significant ROI on the investment. Promotions for non-profit organizations requires a different approach than profit-driven promotions. Instead of focusing solely on revenue, non-profits also want to increase membership, interest, and attendance at programs and events.


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