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Encourage creativity and innovation...reduce the costs associated with moving beyond the status quo

As we emerge, tentatively, from the economic downturn that left so many with sliced budgets and diminished workforces, companies already asking so much of their employees are asking for even more.  With a certain level of implied risk, companies are demanding more creativity and innovation to help bring the business to the next level.

At the same time, to simultaneously encourage risk taking and to condemn those whose risks have not paid off is a double edged sword... What happens if they innovate and fail?  Further, both new hires and existing employees are bound by the learning curve are must take on new tasks.  

So what are you doing to provide motivational tools and incentives to help get them over the hump?  Research has consistently demonstrated that incentives boost sales and engagement.  There are many ways that you can get started without unnecessary risks.

We encourge you to consider a pilot program based on in-depth research that demonstrates measurable results once rolled out on a large scale.  Remember that if you never take the risks then you can never move beyond the status quo.

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