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Low Costs... High Percieved Value

Recently,  a major international non-profit agency came to Arrow Imports with a simple goal in mind: to increase their membership.  While the objective seems simple enough, the task - until now - had proven to be daunting.  With so many demands in these tough times, many people cannot dedicate themselves to a cause let alone stop to give you an ear.  What the agency needed was a unique way to have their audience join without the agency increasing their costs.  And that’s what we gave them: a unique way to engage with their customers.

Arrow imports developed a custom premium campaign that drove home the message while remaining in line with the Agency’s core values.  What's more we did it at a fraction of the costs.  In the end, we delivered a high perceived valued product for pennies on the dollar.  Sometimes known as a freemium, the premium product was given away to each new member with the perceived value of costing more than the cost of the membership itself.  

The value to the agency - including the product, the heightened exposure, and the impact on the bottom line - was tremendous. The agency gave away premiums perceived to be valued over hundreds of dollars for only the cost of the membership. That’s right, each freemium only cost the Agency a couple dollars. With a membership fee of $50/year, the decision to join was a no brainer for new members.

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