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Efficency throughout the product development cycle

Arrow Imports uses the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Guidelines to clearly define and control the consistency and compliance specifications of our products. Additionally we pay close attention to keeping a high degree of efficiency by setting up our own compliance program as an integral part of the product development process that allows the development team to check material content.

Product Testing
Arrow Imports minimizes time and expenses related to developing your products by analyzing and testing early on and throughout the product development cycle. We believe that quality cannot be tested into a batch of products but must be built into each stage of the manufacturing process. We've set up inspection offices that cover our production facilities with trained quality control inspectors who verify quality in all phases:

  • We begin with a complete review of raw materials to ensure accuacy to specifications.
  • Next we check the injection molding to verify the injected parts are being produced to specifications and that the colors are correct.
  • We continue by checking decorations to ensure that each logo is printed in the correct PMS color, has the correct registration, is in the correct location and will pass both tape and nail tests.
  • Out assembly check ensures that each item is correctly assembled, is cosmetically pleasing and works functionally.
  • Packing check ensures that every item is packed to the specifications and will pass drop test so there are no problems during shipping.
  • Final inspections are conducted by a priemier 3rd party inspection company prior to shipment to help ensure ontime delivery.

Our compliance program is a major part of our process that helps ensure ontime and accurate product delivery. Learn more about our program here.



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