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ASI 90075

Our Code of Conduct applies to all suppliers including but not limited to: parent entities/subsidiaries, contractors/subcontractors, and other suppliers. This is our guarantee; a commitment to

  • Compliance with fair business practices and the highest standards of conduct.
  • Equal rights and protection of all employees
  • Safe and healthy working conditions for all
  • Minumization and reduction of enviromental impact

Our Compliance Code is built on a foundation of our core values, illuminated by "action statements.We expect our suppliers to communicate our Code of Conduct to their stakeholders in a manner understandable to all. These suppliers must follow the strictest of laws - whether it be ours or when local laws permit.

Audit and Assessments
Our suppliers are required to put in place a management team that monitors compliance with the Code. Additionally, Arrow Imports routinely conducts announced/unannounce visits which include a management overview meeting, physical walk-through of the facility, review of facility controls, IT review, security and privacy compliance review, technical safeguards, policy, procedure and document management and to ensure appropriate management.

Corrective Action Policy and Procedure
The Arrow Imports Compliance Officer will review all potential compliance concerns raised, initiate an investigation as appropriate, and when warranted impose corrective action. As part of our commitment to excellence, our corrective action may include providing additional education, suspension and/or termination of business activity for grave violations.

Every product produced complies with all state and federal quality standards. We test all materials to ensure that they do not contain any harmful elements (including lead, cadmium, mercury, etc.)

Arrow Imports does not conduct business with a manufacturer until they have been approved by our compliance department. Each factory is prequalified to ensure that they can produce to our quality standards, have the appropriate Q/A and Q/C programs in place and the capacity to handle our production needs, and also that they do not use under age, prison or forced workers.

Additionally, suppliers must self-certify annually and document compliance. We require suppliers to have a Compliance Specialist who stays abreast of the steadily changing regulatory compliance requirements, technology advances, and new areas of product regulations. Any questionable behavior by employees or subcontractors should be reported immediately to Arrow Imports.

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