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The right products... the right delivery

Creating a profitable premium is difficult without strategic focus. That is why our clients turn to us for unique premiums and not the cheap stuff offered by so many shops today. Maybe our success is due to our experience and knowledge in the industry. Arrow Trading Imports makes sure that every one of our premiums communicate something about the company, the brand, and the target audience being offered to potential purchasers

Most companies think long and hard before bringing to market a product that lacks patent protection and could be easily imitated. Yet many of them invest in sales promotions that are easier to imitate than the simplest new product. Still others sign off on plans so generic that they seem unrelated to their brand offering. Research consistently demonstrates that well defined strategic promotions campaigns help companies gain a strong competitive position so why wouldn't you invest in a campaign that yields disproportionate benefits at a fraction of the costs?

Over the years, many of your promotional premiums have been imitated and many of them have become standard premium products today. However our clients, being the first with these premium items, maximize customer responses and engage fully with customers. Our competitors don't have the depth we have. Our global relationships allow us to incorporate complex linkages with third party providers that are difficult to acquire and imitate. Whether your goal is speed of trial of your brand, increase client base, and/or reward your customers both external and internal Arrow Trading Imports has the right stuff to help you meet your objectives. Contact us today and let us help you engage with your customers.

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